Tuesday, 8 June 2010

You discover who your real friends are

A bit disappointed today.
I'm doing my bit for diabetes uk, I've organised an 11 mile walk to raise money to donate to DUK.

However, it's times like these that you realise who your real friends actually are!

Origionally there were 9 of us taking part in this walk, all had agreed and seemed excited a few months back. Everyone said once I had received the sponsor forms etc from Diabetes Uk that they would meet me and start raising. We all agreed to buy a DUK t-shirt to wear on the day.. was all very exciting.

Drop out one!
A few weeks back one of my friends dropped out because "Diabetes Uk doesn't mean enough to her".. Great. Thanks!... But I guess at least she was the honest one!

Drop out two + three!
Only TODAY a set of twins dropped out. The two initial people to ask to join me as one of them had a diabetes scare. Their excuse is that the walk would mean them missing out on revision time etc. Neither have seemed to care a deal since one of them got the all clear anyway..

Drop out four + five!
Again, TODAY they dropped out..Less than a month to go! They were eager to join in this morning, well right up until about 4pm they were still coming. But their excuses just didnt match up. One had just been told that she was going away that weekend and the other just got told they have an operation that day. And then the one going away suddenly couldnt come along when the other was in hospital.. I thought she was going away? And why would you agree to do a 11 mile walk when youre expecting an operation?

I feel disappointment a worse feeling that anger. I'd rather they just say they don't want to do it!

Oh well eh, proves who my real friends are. The ones who are sticking by me!.. And the one who's jumped in this late on and filled a space just tonight!

I'd still do my but even if I were to go alone. Just feeling really really let down!

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