Monday, 30 May 2011

So it's been ages since I posted on here.. almost 10 months.
It was brought to my attention recently when a friend of mine told me he'd been reading my blog!..

Well, I finally got my insulin pump..yay! It's made a whole lot of difference, but doesnt come without it's ups and downs! Like anything i suppose. I've named him Percy.. Percy the pump!.
For those of you who don't know what an insulin pump is.. It's a small device, looks a bit like a pager, that delivers my insulin for me.. So no more injections (yay again!). Basically, the pump only uses one type of insulin, rather than the two i was on before, but it gives it me in different ways. At the hospital me and a nurse worked out my hourly need of insulin.. so my pump now automatically gives me 1.25units every hour between 00:00 and 20:00... then between 20:00 and 00:00 it gives me 1.30units, cause my body needs that little bit more then. That is all done automatically.. Percy has that in his brain :D.. Then when I eat, i still count my carbs and tell the pump how many carbs i've eaten.. but this is where percy gets clever!.. If i tell my pump what my blood sugar is, then how many carbs i have eaten, it can work out how much insulin to give me.. it will take into account how high or low i am (to add or take any extra).. and it programmed to know how many units per gram of carbs... so overall my blood sugar levels are alot more stable.. (yay again!).. The pump is connected to me all the time by a teflon tubing and a small 6mm teflon canula, i change this every 2-3 days.. So in reality it's like 1 injection every 3 days rather than 5-6 every day! I love how my pump has changed things for me. It doesnt make diabetes easy, Im not sure anything ever will.. But it makes it easiER. I do find my bloods raise towards the end, before my next canula change, so im trying to head more towards the every 2 days ratehr than the every 3 days.. when convenient ofcourse!

I started college in September! Doing level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education.. I think I want to teach, but even if i change my mind, I know for sure that I want to work with children. Coming up to the end of the first year now.. getting good grades, building friendships etc.. it's going quite well!

Not too sure what else to write for now.. but i've started updating again :)