Friday, 13 August 2010

grumble grumble grumble, smile smile smile

So i'll start with the negatives then finish off with a smile..

I sometimes feel like everything that is "common in diabetics" i get..
I've recently been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.. after my assessment I was told "ah, it is common in diabetics though"..Luckily it's not bad and i get a splint to sleep in on tuesday so it shouldnt worsen either..
I'm told "you should take multi-vitamins daily, your immune system isnt as high as it should be, thats common in people with diabetes"..fine, that's easy, i just take a multi-vitamin in the morning, but again it's back to the "common in diabetics"
and finally (for now!) i've been suffering in a lot of pain over the last week with a pilonidal abscess, can't sit, stand or lay without pain, on 1125mg penicillin 4 times a day amongst a number of painkillers. When I was taken to the hospital and had this "diagnosed" if you like, the consultant said the dreaded words "ah, well youre not hairy (the main cause) but it's also common in people with diabetes".. Great..again?!

Another grumble..moving on to the happy stuff!

I have a new DSN and he's an idiot! I walked into the room and he goes "ah, i didnt know if i was seeing a male or female" even though my folder has on the front in bit black letters "KODIE WASS, FEMALE, 26/12/1991".. everything he asked me, he repeated my answer completely wrong as if he was never actually listening to me.. "when were you last at the hospital for your diabetes Kodie?" "I was here for the KAREN course in April"....."So, when you came for the KAREN course in October...."..."How many units of Levemir do you take in the evening Kodie?".."40".. "So when you take your 22units in the evening" ..this happened about 4-5times so i gave up trying. *moves onto positives*.. He did refer me to "George the pump man" though. I think his real name is something like George Thompson, but its the man who deals with all pump appeals at my hospital.. I get to meet him on the 17th November, so, fingers crossed I may have a pump in 2011!!

I took a hour and half train to Birmingham yesterday to meet a girl from the diabetes uk facebook page.. Was a little nervous but it was fantastic!..Was so nice to be able to meet somone else with diabetes face to face, was nice to be able to have a joke and compair our blood readings before we ate, was nice to be able to help eachother with the carb content of our dinner.. Was really glad i went!

And before i go.. Im going to fetch my new Contour USB meter about half quite excited, its like getting a new toy!. Im currently not liking the Accu-chek compact plus.. its very noisey and very bulky and would be a concern to me when i start college as there's no way of being discreet.

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